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How to claim your profile on Spotify?
Last Updated 3 years ago

    1. Make sure you have your VPN on & well connected.
    2. Note: that you need to first have a Spotify account before claiming a profile
    3. Click on
      • Note: If you already signed up, you don’t need to sign up again.
    4. Make sure you sign up with your email address,
    5. Click on "Get Access" or "Claim Profile".
    6. Next page you will see "Claim an artist profile" Click "Continue" button
    7. Next page "What profile are you claiming?"
      • Type your artist name correctly in the search box where you see (search for an artist’s profile)
      • If you don't see your artist name in the search, hit the "?" next to it and follow the step below.
      • How do I find my Spotify artist URL? Click here
    8. When your profile shows up click on it and fill in your necessary details.
    9. Wait to get feedback from Spotify in your email  address

    Note: If you share the same name with other artists, send a message to and fill out the form.

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