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How do I claim Apple Profile?
Last Updated 4 years ago

  1. Click on this link
    • Choose Sign Up
    • If you don't have an iPhone already or an Apple ID go to the bottom, and you'll see "Don't have an Apple ID? Create yours Now" click on
      "Create yours now"
    • Fill out the form with your details and click on "Continue" at the bottom.
  2. When done with Step 1,
    • Go back and click on the link on Step 1.
    • choose "Request Artist Access".
    • You will see a search box, Type in your artist name or copy your iTunes song link and paste in that search box,
    • It will show your profile, click on that your profile, then a page will open
    • Enter your email address, role (manager, Artist, and so on), and phone number.Verify by clicking on the Twitter or IG icon, add your handle there.
  3. At this point you should be seeing
    • Submit.

NOTE: Please do not choose any of the distribution companies shown on there. It doesn't matter.

  • Check the "No label box and Self management box."
  • Finally, you submit and wait for their reply via your mail

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