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Where is my ISRC?
Last Updated 4 years ago

ISRC is your International Standard Recording Code. This code is used to track your song(s). While a UPC is required for a product e.g. If you have an album, EP, or single, you only need one UPC. But with an ISRC, the individual song gets one. Per our example above, if you have 12 songs in an album, you get 12 ISRC and one UPC.

To get your ISRC code

  1. Go to
  2. it should be next to your song. Please remember to remove the dashes because most platforms will not accept the dash.
  3. In this case, ES-A01-18-32291 should be ESA011832291
  4. Another way to get it is going to
  5. Catalog menu
  6. Tracks (Submenu)


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