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How to claim Deezer artist profile
Last Updated 3 years ago

Deezer artist profile is called Backstage

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Request Access"
  3. Choose your Role
    • Artist
    • Label
    • Provider (Distributors)
    • Manager
  4. Enter your artist name
  5. Your email (Best to use the same email you used for distribution)
  6. Enter one of your UPCs which can be found at (Where is my UPC?)
  7. Your Label name (If you are not under one, use your artist name)
  8. Your Distributor (In our case "Da Blessing Production")
  9. Your Distributor email (
  10. Your Facebook Page Link
  11. Your Instagram Page link
  12. Your Twitter Page Link
  13. Check the "I accept the T&C (Terms and Conditions)"
  14. Click "SUBMIT"

You will see "Your request has been sent, we will get back to you shortly!" Please wait for their email reply.

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